UPDATE: Hurricane Florence

As we continue our efforts in Houston and nationally, we will be periodically posting updates from our volunteers.

Attached is a live accounting of Hurricane Florence Category 4 Hurricane from Fahiemah Al-Ali, a YellowBoots Volunteer and CNBC Producer:

"Here in the coastal town of Carolina Beach, North Carolina, the quintessential “calm before the storm” is on full display as residents brace for a monster storm of historic proportions barreling towards the Southeastern Coast of the US.
Hurricane Florence could make landfall as soon as Thursday night in North and South Carolina.


The storm, already a category 4 with sustained winds of 140 mph, could intensify to a category 5, bringing along with it deadly storm surges, heavy inland flooding, and strong winds. More than one million people have already been evacuated in the Carolinas, Maryland and Virginia.

This morning, President Trump signed an emergency declaration for both North and South Carolina, authorizing FEMA to coordinate disaster relief efforts in the region. If Florence is as destructive as projected by weather models, this could be the worst storm North Carolina has seen since 1954.

Check back here regularly for updates for a firsthand view from Yellow Boots on the ground in North Carolina.

Location tag for photos: Carolina Beach, North Carolina
In chronological order. You can really see the shift in weather. 
The first pic with people on the beach is from Monday. Rest are from this morning."




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